Dress Code                                                                       Art Ballet Academy


  • Dress code is not required for your first trial class. We expect our students to follow our Dress code without further inducement within 4 weeks after the first class. It helps maintain discipline, respect, eliminates unnecessary distractions and creates a professional look of students and the Academy. Girls in each class level are required to wear leotards of specific color designated for this class level.
  • Hair is to be worn in a ballet style bun for all ballet levels. If it is too short, it must be pinned back away from the face. No “swinging” ponytails, please. No jewelry, with the exception of stud earrings, may be worn in class.
  • It is also highly recommended that all ballet attire (leotards, tights, shoes, belts, skirts, bags, etc.) be clearly marked with the student’s name and level. Ballet sweaters and leggings may be worn prior to class warm-up if it is cold.
  • Street clothes or an appropriate cover-up must be worn when outside the studio.
  • Do not wear your ballet shoes outside of the studio. Dirt and oils collected on the bottom of ballet shoes are harmful to the special ballet dance floor in the studio.
  • Lost articles of clothing, jewelry, shoes, etc. will be kept in the Lost & Found box

Recommended Dance Supply Stores

         Dance Shop                        June’s Dancewear                Dancers Closet
2485 Forest Park Blvd, FW                  1921 E Abram St, Arlington          287 SW Plaza, Arlington

                  (817) 923-0017                                      (817) 275-2303                                   (817) 572-4009

Pre-Ballet & Ballet 1
Ballet - Pink leotard, pink tights, pink canvas ballet shoes (with elastic), white elastic belt. Skirt is optional.
Jazz - Any color leotard, jazz pants, black jazz shoes (no laces preferred).
Tap - Any color leotard, jazz pants, Block or Capezio tap shoes.

Ballet 2, Ballet 3/4
Ballet -
Light Blue Mirella leotard #M207C or M207L, Ballet Pink Capezio #1916C tights, and pink canvas ballet shoes (with elasctic), white elastic belt. Skirt is not required.
Jazz - Any color leotard, jazz pants, black jazz shoes (no laces preferred).
Tap - Any color leotard, jazz pants, Block or Capezio tap shoes.

Intermediate & Advanced Level
Ballet - Black Mirella leotard M207L, Ballet Pink Capezio #1916 convertible tights, and pink canvas split sole ballet shoes (with ribbons) and pointe shoes.
Character class (Spring Semester) - Black knee length character skirt, black 2” heel character shoes. Character skirt: www.characterskirt.com; Color of ribbons from top – Light Blue, Copen, Royal (optional)
Contemporary Dance - Any color leotard and jazz pants. Socks or bare feet.

Adult/Teen Classes
No dress code. If you feel uncomfortable wearing tights and a leotard, simply wear a T-shirt and sweatpants.
Female - Pink canvas ballet shoes. Male - Black jazz shoes or men’s ballet shoes.

Boys all levels

White T-shirt, black tights, white socks and white ballet shoes.